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Natural Horse Therapies For LAMINITIS

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  • [Promotion] Natural Horse Therapies For LAMINITIS

    Laminitis in your horses hooves needs URGENT attention


    Discover the closely guarded secrets to
    easing your horse's pain today.

    Remember - Laminitis can be FATAL without immediate attention

    Here is the essential and comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and treatment of laminitis.

    • Find out what you need to do now to prevent further damage
    • Gain a clear understanding of what laminitis is and what it isn't
    • What you simply must know about Corticosteroids and their negative affects on a laminitic horse.
    • Ease your horse's pain today
    Instant access to the knowledge and experience of a qualified Equine Therapist of 12 years who reveals all of her secrets in this comprehensive manual. Dear Horse Lover
    From the stable of Zoe Dodds, Experienced Equine Therapist.
    Laminitis is downright dangerous. You need to address it now. Thankfully if you treat it immediately, the devastating effects can be drastically reduced or even cured.
    As a horse lover I know you want your horse to be happy, pain free and performing at their ultimate capacity. Sharing our lives with these majestic animals warms our hearts and seeing the pain laminitis causes is something we can fortunately avoid.
    When you have the right resources and are armed with the correct knowledge you can stop the problem from spiralling out of control and give your horse the much needed pain relief he deserves.
    "Laminitis and Founder Exposed" will teach you everything you need to know about Laminitis, specifically what it is and how to treat it.

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    Re: Natural Horse Therapies For LAMINITIS

    How to treat it ?? CALL YOUR VET for God's sake...........